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Kanzki Group s.a.: where you will find all your heavy equipment solutions

Operator Professional Training Center

Kanzki Group S.A. is specialised in the training of heavy equipment operators and all the professionals involved in the construction using heavy equipments.




Types of Training


Kanzki Group s.a. offers different seminars for the training and certification of heavy equipment operators in the following heavy equipments: 

  1. Excavators
  2. Wheel Loaders
  3. Bulldozers
  4. Motor Graders
  5. Backhoe Loaders
  6. Trucks
  7. Cranes

Our seminars are held in a classroom and on on the machines. The topics covered by our seminars include, but are not limited to:

  1. Security mesures while using the equipment
  2. Maintenance of equipment
  3. The human element
  4. Efficiency techniques
  5. General techniques pertaining to the use of the machine
  6. Techniques with video support