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  History: Kanzki Group s.a. and its Founder

Heavy equipment has been a long tradition and passion in the Kanzki family for serveral decades. Pierre Edouard Kanzki, the founder of Kanzki Group S.A. (KG), grew up surrounded by heavy machinery. His favorite toys were his favorite tractors and excavators that he would cleverly manage in the dirt at the tender age of 11. Also, it is not surprising that Pierre-Edouard Kanzki chose to pursue a carrier in heavy equipment. His thirst for knowledge and his pursuit of excellence pushed him to explore the different facets of his field, and made of him a recognized expert in heavy equipment before he reached the age of 40.

KG was born of the Dominican Republic based company : Kanzki Inovaciones (Kani). Kani was founded in 2001. The company developed its customer base and became reknowned thanks to its 12 years of experience in the fields of heavy equipment and construction.

KG is proud of the experience it acquire under the name Kani with several high profile contracts, just to name a few:

  • the «Puerto Caucedo multimodal", a Bouygues International project where Kani was hired to do the earth moving work for the project, the moving of heavy materials and the training of most heavy equipment operators and foremen involved in the project.
  • the Barrick Gold mines where Kani was hired to do all the logistics relating to the infrastructure and the training of all heavy equipment operators on the grounds.